5 Easy Ways to Add Jaggery to Your Daily Diet

5 Easy Ways to Add Jaggery to Your Daily Diet

Jaggery, also known as Gur or Gud, is a traditional South Asian sweetener made from the sap of sugarcane or palms. It’s a healthier alternative to refined sugar, as it contains several minerals and vitamins. It’s also less processed and has a richer flavor than other sweeteners. Here are 5 easy ways to add jaggery to your daily diet:

  1. Use it as a Natural Sweetener: Jaggery is a great alternative to refined sugar and can be used in place of it, in most recipes. It’s great for adding sweetness to desserts, curries, and even other savory dishes. 
  1. Add it to Your Morning Chai: Swap out the refined sugar in your morning cup of chai for jaggery. You can also make a delicious cup of masala chai by boiling jaggery, ginger, cardamom, and other spices in water.
  1. Make Jaggery-Flavored Smoothies: Jaggery is a great way to add sweetness to smoothies without the use of refined sugar. Try adding a tablespoon of jaggery to your favorite smoothie recipe. 
  1. Enjoy a Sweet Snack: Make a delicious and healthy snack by combining jaggery with nuts and seeds. You can also mix jaggery with ghee and make a sweet treat called ‘gud-ghee’.
  1. Have a Sweet Dessert: Jaggery is often used in traditional Indian desserts. Try making some kheer (rice pudding) or halwa (semolina pudding) with jaggery for a sweet and healthy treat. 

Adding jaggery to your daily diet is an easy and delicious way to get some extra vitamins and minerals. Give these tips a try and enjoy the sweet taste of jaggery! For extra benefits try to incorporate real,  organic jaggery. 

Praakritik Organic Jaggery is a healthful and delicious sweetener that is made using traditional methods and natural ingredients. This jaggery is produced using only organic sugar cane, which is grown without the use of any chemical fertilisers and pesticides. It is a great replacement for refined sugar in many recipes, and it can be used to sweeten beverages and desserts. Praakritik Organic Jaggery is a healthier choice and provides a unique flavor that cannot be replicated with any other sweetener.

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