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Which foods naturally help our thyroid gland?

A healthy thyroid gland means more energy, faster weight loss, and often the disappearance of symptoms like dry skin, heavy periods and hair loss.Here's a natural food guide to help your thyroid gland function at its best: Turmeric and curcumin both contain anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant properties, which are beneficial in managing autoimmune conditions.Studies show that turmeric may reduce inflammation that helps in hypothyroidism & decreases the growth of goitres.In general, curcumin is poorly absorbed, quickly metabolized, and rapidly eliminated by the digestive tract. Organic Black pepper contains piperine, which helps us to absorb the nutrients of curcumin effectively.Extra virgin coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acids that help in the better functioning of the thyroid gland. With the right combination of...

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Is it healthy to consume coconut oil on a daily basis?

What happens when we consume Extra Virgin coconut oil daily? 1. Heals Wounds and Injuries It has antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties that are excellent for treating wounds. It does so by speeding up the process of healing, providing antioxidants and increasing collagen levels in our blood. Collagen is a significant component in our blood that primarily aids in wound healing. Its antibacterial properties also help keep infection risks from open wounds at bay. 2. Helps In Arthritis The high levels of antioxidants present in extra virgin coconut oil help in reducing inflammation and improving bone health. These fats have powerful abilities to fight bacterias. The MCTs present in cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil is much like that of a mother’s...

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Why we must drink beetroot juice everyday?

This antioxidant powerhouse can add life to your day. It has multiple health benefits.Results of a 2015 study suggest that people with heart failure experienced a 13% increase in muscle power 2 hours after drinking beet juice.Beets are good sources of vitamins and minerals, such as folate, manganese, potassium, iron, and vitamin C.We understand that we can't consume boiled beetroot salad daily. Hence, we substitute it by adding beetroot powder to our food and drinks. Here are 6 incredible reasons to include beetroot powder in everyday life.1. Manages your blood pressure2. A great way to detox naturally3. Boosts energy and stamina4. Good for digestion5. Gives you glowing skin6. Improves exercise endurance Our Organic Beetroot powder is a highly concentrated one...

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Is Desi A2 Ghee good for regular cooking?

One of the most significant factors in cooking is choosing a high smoke point oil. Did you know that Desi Ghee has a higher smoke point? It doesn't burn as quickly, so ghee is perfect for regular cooking. Ghee also enhances the flavour of every vegetable and has various health benefits. Consumption of desi Gir cow ghee can be your first step to a healthy lifestyle.  Nutritionist, Rujuta Diwekar, emphasizes intaking desi ghee in every meal to maintain good health. She says it reduces the glycemic index of food. It's the world's most high functioning fat. Desi Ghee is the ultimate Indian superfood. It ensures a slow, steady rise in blood sugar and better energy levels throughout the day. So...

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Whom to listen to when it comes to Ghee? Grandmother or Doctor?

Let us embrace the good old desi ghee for life! It has so many health benefits that a few thousand words can't convey. In short, desi cows ghee nourishes our entire internal system starting from the bones, muscles, and nervous system. Our ancestors knew the secrets to desi A2 ghee. They called it Amrut because of the multiple health benefits it rendered on us. Over the years, it has lost its sanctity. However, people who consume Desi A2 Ghee know how beneficial it is to the human race. Desi A2 Ghee is an Indian superfood. Daily eating one tablespoon of desi ghee works brilliantly for digestion. It enhances our memory, skin texture, and strength. A2 Certified Desi Cow's Ghee is...

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