Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt

Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan Pink salt is pink-colored salt derived from the Himalayan salt mines. The pink salt that is extracted from the Himalayan mines is believed to be a million years old and was formed from the evaporation process of ancient water bodies. It is an unrefined form of salt that undergoes negligible processing. It's hand-extracted and consumed as it is. Even though pink salt has the same composition of sodium chloride as any other table salt, it has various minerals that our conventional salts lack.

The basic difference between Himalayan pink salt and conventional table salt is as follows:

  • Table salt has a higher level of sodium content than Himalayan pink salt.
  • Himalayan pink salt offers minerals like zinc, calcium, magnesium, iron, etc. that are not found in the usual table salt.

Did you know?

Himalayan Pink salt is pink in colour because it’s not processed like table salt. The presence of minerals makes it look pink.

It is also said that pink salt has as many as 84 minerals that don’t exist in table salt. Let’s go through some potential benefits of Himalayan pink salt.


brings down the stress levels.

Himalayan pink salt improves our serotonin levels in the body.This chemical is responsible for making us calm, relieving tension, and boosting energy levels.

Aids to Digestion

Deepan and paachan properties are found in Himalayan pink salt.The deepan properties stimulate our appetite, whereas the paachan properties regulate our digestion.Involving Himalayan Pink Salt in our daily lives can make both of these functions easier in our bodies.

Healthy Skin

There are various detoxifying properties that are involved in the qualities of Himalyan pink salt. It makes the skin hydrated and balances the pH level of our skin. As it balances the pH of our skin, it also aids in making our skin acne free.

Therapeutic Properties

One can use Himalayan pink salt for exfoliating the skin too. One can mix the Himalayan pink salt in coconut oil and do a dry exfoliation massage, which aids in healthy blood circulation. Get rid of dry skin this winter by using this home remedy derived from nature's bounty.

Weight Management

With Himalayan pink salt, you can maintain a healthy weight.Generally, salt in our bodies retains water in our cells, but pink salt expels excess water, which helps us manage our weight. It also enriches us with minerals and nutrients.

Muscle cramps should be avoided.

A deficiency in magnesium can increase the chances of suffering from muscle cramps. When we choose Himalayan pink salt, it has a promising amount of magnesium, which helps us keep the muscle cramps at bay.

Good for sound sleep

A great amount of sodium intake might disturb our sleep at odd hours. Our regular table salt is high in sodium, which increases stress hormones, and due to this biochemical reaction, that usually occurs at night while we are sleeping, it disturbs our sleeping patterns. According to studies, Himalayan pink salt has a low sodium content, which reduces the flow of stress hormones and promotes sound sleep.

How to consume Himalayan pink salt in everyday life

Himalayan pink salt can be used in the same way that regular table salt is.One can add it to food as a seasoning or for preserving food like pickles, etc. One can also add it to warm water for a long, relaxing bath.

You can add it to your meals just the way you add table salt.

Himalayan pink salt is a deep subject of research, even after we know so much about it already. Other advantages of Himalayan pink salt include its use as an air purifier and mood booster. Various medical practitioners use pink salt lamps in their spaces as it’s believed that pink salt has the ability to improve overall well-being.

Himalayan pink salt has a plethora of unexpected benefits. As many facts are known and tonnes of research is going on, the best way is to try it yourself. Take a 30 day Himalayan Pink Salt Challenge and witness the difference first-hand. Make sure you try organic Himalayan pink salt, and for this, Praakritik can be trusted. Visit the Praakritik website today and check out the truly organic options.

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