Is Desi A2 Ghee good for regular cooking?

Is Desi A2 Ghee good for regular cooking?

One of the most significant factors in cooking is choosing a high smoke point oil. Did you know that Desi Ghee has a higher smoke point? It doesn't burn as quickly, so ghee is perfect for regular cooking.

Ghee also enhances the flavour of every vegetable and has various health benefits. Consumption of desi Gir cow ghee can be your first step to a healthy lifestyle. 

Nutritionist, Rujuta Diwekar, emphasizes intaking desi ghee in every meal to maintain good health. She says it reduces the glycemic index of food. It's the world's most high functioning fat. Desi Ghee is the ultimate Indian superfood.

It ensures a slow, steady rise in blood sugar and better energy levels throughout the day. So what do you think? Should you integrate desi cows ghee into our meals? We recommend you incorporate it into your daily routine.

Remember Praakritik's organic desi A2 ghee is prepared in the most traditional manner that retains the highest vitamins and minerals for you. Also, our cows at the Gaushala are showered with abundant love and care.

How is Praakritik's A2 Desi Ghee different from others?

We're often asked about the difference between the natural desi Gir cows A2 ghee versus the commercial ghee sold in the market. So here is an elaboration of the difference between Praakritik's Organic Ghee versus commercially sold ghee.

Our ghee is traditionally made on firewood in the most traditional method possible. It is made out of the whole A2 milk. It is lactose-free and trans-fat free. This kind of ghee is an Indian superfood.

Hence, daily consumption of 2-3 teaspoons of desi cows ghee along with rice and roti improves the digestion process, increases absorption of nutrients from food, lubricates large intestines, aids in weight loss, and prevents constipation.

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