Whom to listen to when it comes to Ghee? Grandmother or Doctor?

Whom to listen to when it comes to Ghee? Grandmother or Doctor?

Let us embrace the good old desi ghee for life! It has so many health benefits that a few thousand words can't convey. In short, desi cows ghee nourishes our entire internal system starting from the bones, muscles, and nervous system.

Our ancestors knew the secrets to desi A2 ghee. They called it Amrut because of the multiple health benefits it rendered on us. Over the years, it has lost its sanctity.

However, people who consume Desi A2 Ghee know how beneficial it is to the human race. Desi A2 Ghee is an Indian superfood. Daily eating one tablespoon of desi ghee works brilliantly for digestion. It enhances our memory, skin texture, and strength.

A2 Certified Desi Cow's Ghee is excellent for health in the winters! It keeps us warm and maintains our body temperature during the winter chills.

Here are 4 reasons to make A2 Certified Desi Cow's Ghee our best friend for life.

1. Good Source Of Energy.
According to the book, 'Healing Foods' Ghee is a good source of energy. It contains medium and short-chain fatty acids, of which lauric acid is a potent antimicrobial and antifungal substance.

It helps fight infectious diseases and boosts immunity. It is a source of vitamin E, vitamin A, antioxidants, and other organic compounds. Desi A2 ghee contains good cholesterol, omega 3 & 6, amino acids, vitamins like A, D, E & K. Hence, it is recommended during post-pregnancy.

2. Desi Ghee Helps Keep You Keep Warm From Within.
According to Ayurveda, our foods have a particular nature. Some foods are warming, some are cool, while others are neutral. Ghee is said to be a warming food.

3. Great For Skin.
Ghee contains vital fatty acids that can help nourish dull and dry skin. It also helps in hydrating skin cells.

4. Improves digestion.
A2 milk ghee is one of the most easily digestible dairy fat. It helps prevent constipation, aids digestion, and detoxifies the body. It also helps in reducing inflammation.

Our ancestors knew how important it was for everyone to consume desi ghee, jaggery, and dry fruits, especially during the winters. That's why it was a tradition to eat seera, atta gond laddu, and foods rich in desi ghee. It also reduces sweet cravings.


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