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Adivasi Honey -500g - Natural

Adivasi Honey -500g - Natural

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Raw Adivasi Honey - 100% Natural

Each bottle of this honey is unique in colour and taste as it is based on which flower is in bloom when the honey is collected.

Why is our honey called Raw Adivasi Honey?

We nurture a healthy relationship with our beekeepers & take a step beyond to support their livelihood. Our product is named after the Adivasi community in Jharkhand who cultivates it.
Our honey is sourced naturally from the wild forests of Jharkhand. The bees consume nectar from a variety of flowering plants making our honey richly flavoured.
We extract Honey from the Beehives harmlessly No use of chemicals & pesticides in managing the farmlands Unprocessed honey from the Beehives into your bottle.
Our honey is sieved through a fine muslin cloth only. Without Smoking, Without Heating!
Raw Adivasi Honey contains high nutrients that boost immunity and help you fight against cough & cold. Regular consumption of Raw Adivasi honey in a defined proportion also helps in weight loss, keeps your body fit and your heart healthy.
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