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Khapli Atta - Organic
Khapli Atta - Organic
Khapli Atta - Organic

Khapli Atta - Organic

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Organic Certified
Using Traditional Organic Farming Practices
Empowering Rural Women 
How is Khapli Wheat Atta beneficial for health?
1. Manages Blood Sugar Levels
  • The long-grain wheat is a significant source of proteins, minerals, lipids, iron, dietary fibre thiamine, and several vitamins.
  • Khapli Wheat is gaining popularity due to its possible value for diabetics as this super-grain helps in the slow release of sugar in the body.
2. Rich In Fibre
  • Since khapli wheat is rich in fibre, it helps maintain good bowel health.
  • That eventually helps in maintaining healthy body weight.
  • Increasing fibre in your diet gradually over a few weeks naturally allows the good bacteria in your digestive system to adjust to the change.
3. Loved by Children, Adults, & Senior Citizens.
  • Emmer Wheat has complex carbohydrates that can boost immunity.
  • It is, thus, an eminent grain for children, adults, and senior citizens.
4. High In Vitamins & Minerals
  • Vitamins and minerals play a vital role in our health.
  • Khapli wheat is a significant source of vitamin B3, which is known as Niacin.
  • Every organ in the body needs vitamin B3 to function perfectly.
  • A good level of Niacin in the body helps improve bone health, brain function, and post-pregnancy care.

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