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Sprouted Ragi Aata 500g - Organic
Sprouted Ragi Aata 500g - Organic

Sprouted Ragi Aata 500g - Organic

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What's special about our Sprouted Ragi Flour?
These famous millets are locally sourced in India.
Sprouted ragi flour is the best way to consume finger millet.
Reddish grain is an excellent fit for gluten-free and lactose-free diets as it contains abundant calcium. It is sprouted to increase the protein and fibre content.
Sprouted Ragi Flour yields numerous health benefits to growing toddlers & young children.
Stronger Bones
It is rich in calcium hence helping in strengthening the bones.
Healthy Weight Gain
Rich dietary fibre helps in healthy weight gain.
Rich in Iron.
It helps fight anaemia as it is rich in iron.
How to use Sprouted Ragi Flour?
Fibrous Ragi Roties
Mix with jaggery for babies
Ragi cookies & Cakes
Porridge for Children

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