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Desi Gir Cows A2 Ghee | Free Pan Mukhwas

Desi Gir Cows A2 Ghee | Free Pan Mukhwas

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Desi Gir Cows A2 Ghee:-

Introduction To Praakritik's Desi Gir Cow's A2 Ghee

What Makes Our Desi Gir Cows A2 Ghee Special?

1. Traditionally Churned A2 Ghee
Our Desi Gir Cow's A2 Ghee is made from the entire curd of Gir Cow's A2 milk & is churned most traditionally.

2. Our Cows Eat Organic Grass
The Desi Gir cows graze freely on organic grassland & absorb the vitamin D from the sun. That eventually gives richer nutrition to our A2 milk & Ghee.

3. Our Calves Get 1st Priority
The calves of our Desi Gir Cow's always get priority on the milk. Once all the calves are fed, the Gir cows are milked for producing Desi A2 Ghee.
4. Our Cows Are Our Family
We love our cows. We use no cruelty or artificial insemination practices. Furthermore, non-milking cows are an integral part of our family.
Benefits of Desi Gir Cow's A2 Ghee
  • Ghee also enhances the flavour of every vegetable and can be your first step to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Nutritionist, Rujuta Diwekar, emphasizes intaking desi ghee in every meal to maintain good health.
How Is Our Desi A2 Ghee Made?

Pan Mukhwas Natural:-

Our 100% Natural Pan Mukhwas is a delectable handcrafted blend of jethimad, dhana dal, saunf, supari (betel nuts), raw sugar, kattha (catechu tree), gulkand (rose petal and raw sugar preserve), nagarvel pan (Nagarvel betel leaf), chanothi pan (Rosary pea betel) and elaichi (cardamom).
What are the health benefits of Pan Mukhwas?
Chewing Paan Mukhwas leads to the formation of saliva juices, which are essential for digestion.
It contains antibacterial properties, which can help counter bad oral hygiene.
It can help increase bile flow and supports good bacteria in your body. Hence, helps in weight loss.
It has cooling properties so it's a natural cleanser and excellent for headaches.
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