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Garam Masala  100g - Organic
Garam Masala  100g - Organic

Garam Masala 100g - Organic

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Organic Certified

Ingredients Of Praakritik's Garam Masala
What is special about our Tea Masala?
Our garam masala is sourced ethically from the women workers of Ahemdabad who crush the freshly grown spices to prepare this organic blend. At Praakritik, we aim to empower women to get their fair share of income.
Benefits of adding Garam Masala to your meal
Our Garam masala produces less heat in the body as compared to other commercial garam masalas. Since it is made of pure spices, it helps in controlling cholesterol and keeps your body healthy.
It also boosts our immunity to fight diseases and fastens digestion.
Which food tastes better with our hand-pounded Garam Masala blend?
Aloo Gobhi
Biryani & pulao.
Paneer Masala Gravy
Chole (Chickpea)

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