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Sattu Aata 500g - Organic
Sattu Aata 500g - Organic

Sattu Aata 500g - Organic

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Organic Certified 
  • Sattu has become an integral part of Bihari cuisine and has also made its way across India.
  • It is affordable, easily accessible, rich in protein, required less cooking time, and ensured a full stomach.
  • It is popularly used in ‘Litti’, ‘Sattu ka Paratha’, as a summer cooler and a digestive.
  • High in fibre, calcium, iron, manganese, and magnesium, this Sattu Atta mix is a powerful superfood packed with minerals and plant proteins.
  • It is popularly consumed with water as a summer cooler, a digestive, and is ideal for diabetics because of a low glycemic index.