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Pan Mukhwas 100g - Natural
Pan Mukhwas 100g - Natural

Pan Mukhwas 100g - Natural

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Our 100% Natural Pan Mukhwas is a delectable handcrafted blend of jethimad, dhana dal, saunf, supari (betel nuts), raw sugar, kattha (catechu tree), gulkand (rose petal and raw sugar preserve), nagarvel pan (Nagarvel betel leaf), chanothi pan (Rosary pea betel) and elaichi (cardamom).
What are the health benefits of Pan Mukhwas?
Chewing Paan Mukhwas leads to the formation of saliva juices, which are essential for digestion.
It contains antibacterial properties, which can help counter bad oral hygiene.
It can help increase bile flow and supports good bacteria in your body. Hence, helps in weight loss.
It has cooling properties so it's a natural cleanser and excellent for headaches.

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